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King Bert Productions

Acting as Children’s Development Producer developing a range of projects.


Paddington – Heyday Films

Part of writing team for new animated series about the little bear from Peru.

Shaun the Sheep – Aardman Animation

Story Development for new series of the beloved stop motion series. 



Treasure Trekkers – Aquaviva Media

Writing for new CGI series about a group of adventurous mice. 


Planet Ripos the Movie!  - Vidox Media

Writing the feature script for this popular Spanish series. 


Digby Dragon – Blue Zoo Animation

Head writer for second series of CG animated show


Lloyd of the Flies – Aardman

Development and scripting for new 6–9 animated comedy.


Creepers – Giant Animation/Cake Entertainment

Development and writing on new CGI mystery adventure series for 6-9s


Winnie Wilbur – Winduna

Head Writer for initial 12 episodes of new animated series. 


Best Bugs Forever – Disney/Je Suis Bien Content

Part of writing team for new animated comedy for 6-9s


Senior Executive Producer for the popular kids strand on Channel 5.

  • Shane the Chef- Hoho Entertainment/Cloth Cat Animation

  • Noddy Toyland Detective– Dreamworks Animation/Gaumont Aniamtion

  • Little Princess – Illuminated Film Company

  • Floogals – The Foundation/Jellyfish Animation. 

Wildwoods– Sixteen South

Part of writing team for pre-school puppet show.


Dennis and Gnasher: Unleashed – DC Thomson/BBC

Developed and head wrote CGI reboot of classic comic duo.


Bottersnikes and Gumbles – BBC/Cheeky Little Media/Cake Entertainment

Head writer and Supervising Producer for CGI show based on classic book series.


Bitz and Bob – BBC/Fremantle

Development work on new show for Cbeebies.  Head writer for first 6 episodes during pre-greenlight phase.


Nella Knightly – Brown Bag Films/ Nickelodeon.

Part of writing team for new show for Nick Junior


Monster Teddies – Cheeky Little Media/Creata/Dubit

Development work for multi platform project, bible and pilot scripts.


Zac Power – Cheeky Little Media

Development work adapting popular book series, bible and pilot script.


Programme Manager for Disney XD and Disney Channel, developing and producing a range of shows for 6-9s.

  • Boyster – Disney/Je Suis Bien Content

  • Randy Cunningham 9thGrade Ninja seasons 1 & 2

  • Packages from Planet X – Disney/Studio B

  • Groove High – Disney/Planet Nemo

  • Rated A for Awesome – Disney/Nerd Corp

  • Dude, That’s My Ghost! - Disney/Alphenim

  • Jimmy Two Shoes – Disney/Breakthrough


Chorion – Supervising Producer 

  • Gaspard and Lisa– Responsible for setting up a new animation studio in Chorion’s head offices.  

  • Peter Rabbit and Friends– Development work on classic property.

  • The Mr Men Show– Re-wrote US scripts for the UK audience, oversaw casting and re-voicing.

  • Noddy in Toyland– Responsible for the redevelopment of this beloved character.  

TV Loonland

Development Executive

  • Sam Samwich – Project development.

  • Dragon’s Rock - Supervising Producer

Hit Entertainment


  • Fireman Sam– Responsible for the incredibly successful redevelopment of this very popular show, shepherding the beloved group of characters into a CGI format.  

  • Buddy Patrol – Development work with Chris Dicker (What’s Your News?)

  • Woollywoos– Development work with Mellie Buse (Grandpa in My Pocket).

  • Funny Bunch – Development work with popular illustrator Lydia Monks (What the Ladybird Heard, The Singing Mermaid) and Jackie Cockle (Bob the Builder, Timmy Time).

  • Wishbone does History – Re-developing the popular live action series with Michael Wood (Conquistadors/In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great).

  • Art Attack Junior– Working with presenter Neil Buchanan to develop a pre-school version of this popular show.

  • Thingamigiggles– Development work with Bafta winning Pesky Animation (Adrenalini Bros, Boj).

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